Single Cougar Women

Single Cougar Women

When my former husband left me to date single cougar women, I was frightened that my desirability and dating days were over. I’d no thought that younger men might prefer to date single cougar women.

I fell upon this “Cougar-Cub” dating tendency as soon as I subscribed to an internet dating website and received tons of emails from younger men. I understood this deserved a new name, when they told me the real attractor factors that drive it dating trend.

Why switch the name of Cougars-Cougar Hunters?

These terms are predatory and do not represent the bona fide attraction and emotional intimacy that has evolved, since Mrs. Robinson exposed this relationship as a taboo in “The Graduate”.

Celebrity Demi Moore recently made it commendable when she married a man half her age and they seemed to be bonded in ageless- classic delight.

The predatory, undignified connotations no more fit the close bonds and mental bliss that timeless couples like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore enjoy.

Single Cougar Women

We should examine the new motives and mindset of the men who pursue women that are older, if we’d like to change our view of these relationships.

What attractor factors draw on younger men to women that are older?

By paying attention to heaps of e-mails I’ve unintentionally done my own research on this matter since I’ve been single again I have received from younger men on internet dating sites. I’ve summarized their attractor variables:

– Young men seek relationships with single cougar women who are in sync with their desires for amusing companionship and daring sexual intimacy.

– Young men favor the company of women who are smart, assured, sexually experienced and emotionally free.

– Young like to teach single cougar women what is new in their music and culture.

– They are passionately inquisitive about things a girl can teach them about life and love, because they have little to learn from girls their own age.

– Young men enjoy a skilled girl who has established her children, her former husband and her livelihood, so she’s little to show and few material yearnings to meet. So she is free to focus her energies on a fresh love.

– Like fine wine, a woman’s sexual powers can be enriched with time and maturity.

– It is now a badge of honour for a young man to be desired by a worldly, vital woman who understands the best way to build and appreciate extreme emotional intimacy with a man who values her womanly beauty and wisdom.

Why do women seek relationships with younger guys?

love a youthful virility, and may feel younger.

– Women appreciate the lack of baggage a guy to look after them financially.

Single Cougar Women

How can we remove the blot from these relationships?

We can alter our views when we change our vocabulary. “Enchanting Girls” and “Young Knights” reveal the allure and special qualities guys and women share in these dating relationships. Is it possible to think of another advancement over Cougar and Cougars Hunters?

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Author, Hadley Finch–a real-life Carrie Bradshaw who writes about love and relationships created the Singles Club. Hadley’s posts, podcasts and novel, TRIBE OF BLONDS, are inspired by her online dating adventures in 3 continents and 200 blind dates after her long union ended in divorce.

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