Ring Dies

Ring Dies

Today, people who are concerned with the effect that they are giving on the surroundings are turning more and more frequent to the clean burning and fuel efficient biomass stoves, which burn fuel for example ring dies using extreme heat. This will allow a little stove to heat a spot very well.

ring dies are not large, look like a gel capsule kind of pill. They are shiny, which makes them appear like tiny, varnished sections of wood and leads to the pill delusion. In fact, ring dies aren’t single pieces of wood, but instead several pieces which were compacted together to make the small pellets that you see when you get ring dies for the biomass stove at home. ring dies are made from stuff that were recycled. They use sawdust that’s left over from saw milling procedure and other wood production processes.

The sawdust gathered in this manner is compacted into a packed pellet, but not until the wood stuff was done. This is prepared by sending the wood substance by a hammer mill. This equipment creates an identical mass that’s like a dough-like, and the wood is then fed through into a press.

Ring Dies

The ring dies compresse through a die, which can be created using a special sized hole. The wood is squeezed by the extreme pressure of the press and allows the temperature of the wood goes up as well. Such temperature rise causes the lignin of the wood to shape like natural adhesive that holds the pellets together as the wood cools down.

The rules on ring dies specify that they should have less than 10% water content to burn efficiently and which they must be have similar density.

A distinguishing effect is caused by the processing in the hammer mill, if various kinds of woods are used for things like furniture or boards. The hammer mill breaks down the fibers of the wood to appear similar with the remainder. The breaking down procedure reveals that the finished pellets do not have much difference even if different type of wood is used and appear quite similar.

Now you have the fundamental idea, you’ll be able to now start your pellet business. If you are trying to find ring die machines, can give you excellent ideas. They will have top of the line pellet equipment.

Pellet Systems International is regarded as the leader of the pellet manufacturing business in the nation. You will certainly say that purchasing the machines will be one of your best investments in your company.

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