Lighted Nocks

Are many different archery arrows with lighted nocks available on the market now days and depending on what you’re going to be using them for, you should consider very carefully which arrow with lighted nocks you select to your bow.

Below are some of what they’re made, and the different kinds of arrows of. I’ve also made notes on which they are best used for.

Lighted Nocks

1. Wooden arrows with lighted nocks. The wooden arrow is simply made from various different kinds of wood, feathers sharpened steel can be used for the head or are used for sometimes a piece of rock and the veins. These arrows can be made for little cost, but do not consistently fly all that all that straight, or, long. They are sometimes made in mass and were used in many wars although they have a tendency to break easily, but as a.

2. Aluminum arrows with lighted nocks. These arrows can be made much more consistently straight than can be made with wood. But aluminum’s nature means these arrows can have a tendency to bend when used often. Never to worry though, bent arrows can be straightened but this may also be a hassle in case you don’t have time or the right gear. Many competition shots us aluminum arrows with lighted nocks because of the high level of straightness which can be reached in producing. They’re rather pricey hence not advocated for those beginners as they might be lost and cost a lot to replace.

3. Fiberglass arrows with lighted nocks. Fiberglass is a good arrow that comes in a large variety of sizes for most levels of user. Sadly the fiberglass arrows are extremely brittle and can break easily. Most short-range shots will find that when they are shooting well, they can occasionally hit one of their other arrows with lighted nocks. This means it’s better to use fiberglass arrows for long range shooting.

4. Carbon arrows with lighted nocks. (These are commonly called composite arrows because they are made of other substances as well as carbon) These are a few of the best kinds of arrows with lighted nocks on the market today. They are light and very flexible so they fly very fast. They cost quite a bit thus don’t buy them if you are likely to lose arrows frequently. The bend a great deal, but don’t warp so won’t need to be straightened. They are not as fragile as fiberglass either. The carbon arrow overall, is my favorite.


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