Interracial Dating Sites

Interracial Dating Sites

I completely recognize that this will likely be my most controversial article but it pleads discussion because, really, there aren’t many others that are brazen enough to take the topic on. Thus, with that said, let’s go there.

It’s 2013 and interracial dating  on interracial dating sites is still plagued by negative stereotypes. Some may find that difficult to believe but it’s unquestionably a truism. Wondering why? Well, I am only going to cut straight to the chase here. It’s about status and sex. When people associate stereotypes with interracial dating on interracial dating sites those are the two long standing ones that typically come to mind. Letpeople talk about them candidly, shall we?

Sex has been a hot button issue it’s largely fueled by the myths that we are all quite conscious of and in regards to interracial dating on interracial dating sites and marriage but do not discuss openly. Without being graphic or crass, let us just say that some demographic groups are assumed to be sexually aggressive or working with top-notch gear. Other groups are assumed to be seeking out those matters because they ca n’t be found by them in their own groups. While these premises are completely myths the stereotypes connected with their own groups tend to drive negative ideas about interracial couples.

Let us delve somewhat further. You may belong to people who really don’t care about what prompted their fondness for each other but are not unhappy to see it. Or, you might belong to the group that supposes the couple is jointly for the same sort of reasons that bring other couples collectively, like real attraction according to feelings and common interests. Or, you might belong to that group of folks that are small-minded that presume because he’s probably packing she is with him, and she wants to irritate daddy or that he’s with her because she’s docile, into kinky stuff and needs to spite white people.

Standing is the other automatic supposition that comes to mind. The thinking here is that particular demographic groups are positioned to have higher social status and more material wealth. And, clearly, the premise is that other groups may not be able to locate higher social and economic standing within their own groups so they, subsequently, seek it outside externally. Again, these are complete falsehoods that drive negative stereotypes in regards to interracial dating.

Humor me with another scenario. This time let us make a black woman and the couple an Asian guy. Can you subscribe to the school of thought that the black’s with him because he likely has money or that interracial couples are jointly for all the right motives? And to bring everything full circle with another half of the equation… that he’s with the black because she’s a freak in bed?

The reason that these stereotypes should die is because America has finally become the melting pot that it was consistently touted to be. White privilege and “old money” still exist but high society is starting to become diversified because the only colour that actually matters is green. If you’ve got it, you’re in. And sexual behaviour is changing in general across the country, driven by the proliferation of a carefree attitude about carnal knowledge in pop culture. Stereotyping interracial dating on interracial dating sites is just plain ol’ stupid in the modern society. Do not get me wrong, there probably are some people that play into the stereotypes and date for those reasons that are superficial that I just described. But if you talk to the majority of interracial couples you’ll discover that a large part of them just happened to find other, not or whether they have inclinations, and are jointly for precisely the same sort of reasons as their non-interracial counterparts.

Regardless of how hard some may try and denigrate love with lascivious and prejudiced thinking it is, actually, blind. Interracial couples are that’s beautiful evidence.

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