Heat Pump Water Heaters

I have been a plumbing professional for twenty-seven years. I have actually been called by home owners in any way hrs of the night for, damaged water lines spewing crystal clear water almost everywhere making its lovely visibility understood to carpeting, seemingly to claim, “I’m here to damage you, or, “I am visiting drench you, as well as vanish your pretty shade.” I have been shouted to gorgeous homes with sewage in every edge of the residence, making it look like a barn rather compared to a mansion. Absolutely nothing is much more annoying compared to going to a house where the water heating unit is torn apart, and the resident is whining that he must have warm water prior to early morning, or he will definitely die. I’ve intended to state, numerous times, “if you wouldn’t have touched it, and simply left it alone, then it would have been thin up until early morning.” Had I stated something like that, he would have been on the phone to my manager, as well as I could hear him now, “That’s your work. You are on telephone call. If you do not intend to do the job, I’ll discover somebody which will.” So I suck it up, and talk wonderful to the house wrecker, I indicate home owner, while working with his mess up. After awhile I forget everything about my irritability with him.

Anyway, sufficient said concerning why I’ve had to change heat pump water heaters in the center of the night. I could have the ability to drop some light on the proper method of replacement in this column, which I so faithfully compose to evince a different plumbing system problem weekly.

One point regarding plumbing is that every work has to be done in a detailed manner, especially heat pump water heaters. When you’ve determined that the leak is indeed, from the storage tank …

1. Shut down the water to the device. Baseding on the Uniform Plumbing Code. (The Plumber’s bible.) There is meant to be a closed off, not greater than two feet from the water heater on the inlet, or cool side of the device. It will certainly most likely be a “wheel shutoff.” It should resort to the right to switch off the water, and also it ought to resort to the left to turn on the water. Transform this valve to the right, until it will not transform anymore. The water ought to be off to the water heating unit. You will certainly still have cold water in your house to all the installations. I suggest you don’t utilize the cold water until the replacement is total, due to the fact that you will obtain a back- feeding of water from the water pipes you disconnected from the water heating system. If your home is quite old, or the initial plumbing technician didn’t stick to the U.P.C. a shutoff could not have actually been included for the water heater. If you experience this circumstance, you’ll need to turn off the water to the entire property at the major shutoff, which is generally found in the front of the house, on the wall surface exterior. This act of need is not typically an issue for a seasoned plumbing technician, but could be a frightening experience for a property owner, or amateur repairman, due to the fact that after you are finaled changing the water heating system, as well as you can not turn the water back on because of a leak or one more unexpected problem. Partners, girlfriends, or youngsters often tend to acquire angry when they do not have any sort of water for showers or food preparation. Additionally, it could almost spoil a marital relationship when you have to call a plumbing technician at 2 in the morning on a Sunday, and pay them $2,500.00 for an unexpected emergency call, after you have actually worked on all of it day.

2. Drain the water heating unit. Situate the drain shutoff below the water heating unit. It resembles an outside faucet, and you most likely have two or three of them around your house at various locations. Screw your garden hose to the drain shutoff, as well as draw it outside to an area where you could let water drain. The water won’t injure the grass.

In some cases these drain valves are blocked with sediment, as well as should be cleared so the w/h will drain in a prompt way. (A cord layer hanger functions well.) Other, situate the temperature level pressure safety valve on top of the water heating unit, (additionally required by the code) and also open it manually. (Some folks call these the pop off shutoff) This will certainly force air right into the water heater as well as allow it to drain. The factor I do this coincides principle as holding your thumb on a straw, with water in it. The water remains there. When you take your thumb off, the water drains out. Open this valve and start the heater draining.

3. Disconnect the old water heater. Locate the unions on the hot (outlet) as well as cold (inlet) lines to the w/h. (Also required by the UPC, not more than 12 inches from the home appliance.) Undo the unions with two pipeline wrenches. Shut off the gas valve on the left side, below the water heater, and also disconnect that union as well. Disconnect the vent, by loosening the 3 sheet metal screws from the draft diverter dead facility in addition to the waterheater. The water heating system is entirely detached, and you could proceed to the next action.

4. Prep brand-new water heating unit for installment. It is time to obtain the brand-new water heating system all set to install, in the area of the old water heater. I always utilize a 3/4″ x3 in. metal nipple, with a brass sphere shutoff screwed onto it for the cold side. (Remember, the cool side is the inlet, where the shutoff is expected to be.) By having metal screwed into the steel storage tank of the water heating unit, I’m stopping electrolysis. Electrolysis takes place anytime copper is screwed into steel. It will substantially accelerate the rust procedure, and the pipe will last concerning one third of the moment, if you utilize different metals. Next off, I screw a brass nipple area into the warm side of the water heater, with a brief piece of pipeline, as well as bring in unions to both sides. Any sort of residence that is older than eight years or so, is possibly copper, and will have to be fastened. The pipe as well as unions hooking up the very hot, and also chilly side of the water heater, will have to be washed with an item of sand towel made with aluminum oxide, and fluxed with a brand name flux, to make certain the solder takes well in the joints. See to it the unions go to the exact same elevation from the leading of the water heating system, as well as solder every little thing. Additionally install a water pipes from the new temperature. and also tension safety valve to exactly six inches from the flooring. (Also needed by the Uniform Plumbing Code.) This completes the water connect.

There needs to be a drip leg on the gas attach to catch wetness, and also sediment, as not to stop up the pilot and also heaters. Mount a new gas turned off, as well as reconnect the gas line to the gas control, on the left side of the device. After that ensure the vent pipeline is the appropriate dimension in size for the B.T.U. ranking of the new heater, and also affix it to the new draft diverter. See to it you utilize 3 sheet metal screws, in each joint of the vent. Drive them in with a screw weapon.

5. Turn the water on. Turn the water on after you have opened up the warm side of the tap simply, on the bath tub. It is most ideal to open up the one farthest far from the water heater, to hemorrhage the air out, and also help in a faster fills out. Additionally duplicate the action that you did earlier, by opening the temperature level, pressure safety valve, till you listen to the water nearly to the top of the heating unit. In the beginning only air will appear. As soon as the water is eliminated great in the tub, close the bathtub tap, and examine the water heating unit area for leaks. Open the gas valve, and also look for leakages at the gas line.

6. Light the pilot. When lighting the pilot make use of a lengthy suit, considering that the majority of people cannot acquire their hand in the little firebox. If you can, you’ll most likely reduce your hand when you draw it out.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Lower the red button, while the knob is on aviator, as well as light the pilot. Hold the switch down for about 30 secs or so. When you allow the red switch go, the aviator must stay lit. Transform the knob to the “on” placement, and also appear the thermostat, to the position that is marked, “typical.” The fire on the heating element should start with a woosh! Don’t hesitate, since this is typical. Check the flame from the burner. It ought to be a wonderful yellow shade, with blue pointers on the flame. Tidy up the area, before the water heating system.

The last factor I should state is that you will listen to a drip, drip, drip audio, that you promptly assume is a leak. Do not be surprised! It is condensation from warming up forty gallons of cold water simultaneously. It will drop in concerning thirty minutes.

A brand-new water heater that you bought from www.phnixexp.com has actually come out, and according to code, by September 4, 2007 the heat pump water heaters will be various with a sealed combustion chamber. These brand-new ones will certainly light by simply pushing a switch, and are much safer. You do not also should elevate them over the garage area floor 18″ like used to be the code.

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