Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

health benefits of dark chocolate

All types of medical studies in the last few years have shown that dark chocolate can be great for your health. The bottom line is, dark chocolate has a high concentration of antioxidants, which protect the body and can actually fix specific types of routine cell damage. These antioxidants are attributed by the studies to lowered blood pressure, reduced protection from cardiovascular disease, and cholesterol, as well as possible protections from stroke and cancer, decreased complications in pregnant girls, and delayed brain function decline with aging.

So dark chocolate is a wonder food, and we should all eat as much as possible, right? Not quickly. As with many foods that can be good for you, temperance is essential. A right way is to get the most out of your chocolate. Here it’s:

1. The Darker the Better the Chocolate.

Dark chocolate has a much higher percentage of cocoa solids, which include the valuable antioxidants, than white chocolate or milk. Most products that are dark have the hot chocolate percent tagged.

2. Eat Average Portions.

health benefits of dark chocolate

Over indulge and the health problems of weight gain can quickly outweigh your health benefits. Nevertheless, stick with small daily portions and you can still enjoy the health benefits.

3. Steer clear of the High Calorie Extras.

It is the antioxidants in the hot chocolate solids that make this food healthful. All of the other ingredients, like sugar; and any extras, like nougat, caramel, marshmallow, etc., simply add calories. To maximize the health benefits, stick with simple dark chocolate. Second best would be products which add only nuts or fruit.

4. Do Not Have With Milk.

For a number of us, this condition might be the toughest to follow, since milk tastes so great with chocolate. But, to get the first three measures we must avoid drinking milk with our average daily portions.

We eat it because we truly appreciate it! But we contain dark chocolate as a regular part of a healthy diet and lifestyle and can optimize the health benefits by following these four simple steps.Here are six health benefits,buy health benefits of dark chocolate at

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