Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Leveling Guide

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Formerly I was stuck at the specific same spot as you; on the 2nd part of the battle with Bartandelus. I was holding my own however he would eventually eliminate me with Doom. This was a surprise to me because I had actually completely maxed out the levels of my characters. That being said, up to this point I had yet to update any of my weapons. Remarkably, leveling up your weapons enhances your characters strength and magic points.

In that large slopping room prior to the Bartandelus manager, you will find that after combating opponent characters they often drop ‘credit chips’ and ‘incentive chips’. Keep in mind that the ‘star’ ratting you get after your fights does influence what is dropped. You can offer these chips for a handsome quantity of Gil, 500 and 2500 respectively. Utilize this money to purchase ‘crankshafts’ from ‘Lenora’s Garage’ and then proceed to update your weapons with these crankshafts. I recommend making use of crankshafts since they offer you the very best ‘upgrade bang’ for your Gil.

Now if you wish to truly fancy, you can likewise purchase 36 ‘Lively Ooze’ from the ‘Creature Comforts’ shop. If you upgrade your weapons with these 36 Dynamic Ooze prior to upgrading with the crankshafts, you will get a 3x multiplier on the crankshaft upgrade. In other words, the crankshafts do 3 times the updating. Doing this technique it will certainly take you an hour or 2 to obtain all of your characters weapons to level 26. When right here I had no issues beating Bartandelus.

i’m having truble with fang’s eidolon thing … is any one there yet THAT HAS BEAT THE STUPID THING!!!I understand this is a lame concern but this is my first proper FF game (the other one was crystal bearers) and I’ve discovered they’re levels on your weapons but my issue is I don’t know how to level them up, I’m at the beginning of the game I think, just beat the second boss so can someone tell me when or ways to do it? Thanks.

Just concentrate on the smaller people while occaisoanlly changing to when hes alone just beat the hell out of him and switch to med/sen/med when he is about to utilize a bigger attack. When it comes to his devastating destrudo attack, simply assault the hell out of him while he is charging. this will certainly buy ffxiv gil trigger him to flinch and whn he attacks a couple of minutes later, it will be alot less brutal. simply heal and buff later on and continue with the attack. just see to it you ATTACK when he is charging and you should be great.

Thats in battle stuff, however while all this is goin on Orhpan will cast instantaneous death on your party, you can counter this by having the anti death devices that resist death by 30 percent, you can level these up at level 5 or 6 you can do this completely using 4 ideal conductors which sell for 1600 Gil at leanora’s garage, with 3 in your accessories you will have 84 % resist death, if you wish to go further you can update these with a transformational catalyst, I have forgotten the name but it costs 30000 Gil at the mom load.

HI. (reason my english first off),, im stuck on the last manager Bartandelus 2 kind. all my characters are level up at leading all my accesories and weapons too, lighting/vanille/sazh i use med/med/sync, rav/rav/com rav/sab/sync and rav/med/sync, i keep hiting the bastard and a certain point he utilize this 1 hit kill attack that put one of my character at 000, no issue cause i can pull him out and full heal like in 5 sec. but the issue is when he target my primary character trigger the battel end there even tough i been kicking his ass all the time. so exactly what can i do kindly?!! how can avoid this attack?? … thanks regards.

I posted a full guide that works 3 weeks ago, 9 comments up. It seems you are succeeding with attacking, so all you need is a good defense. Similar to in the guide I suggest you purchase the anti death device (cherub’s crown), they are inexpensive and completely upgrade at level 5 or 6. Gear up 3 of these to your character and you must be fine. If your still a little hazy, the transformational catalyst can be purchased the mom load for 30000 Gil (it’s called Pervoskyite)Which takes the 45 % max death withstand approximately 60 % when you max it out.

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