72 Hours Survival And First Aid

Emergencies can happen at the most unexpected times and places, and being prepared with 72 hours survival and first aid kits as well as the abilities essential to address emergencies can do plenty of difference. First crisis first aid kits or a first aid van kit are a number of the essentials that organization, association, car, workplace or any house should have.

72 Hours Survival And First Aid

Trained employees in emergency response teams and lifesaving are usually equipped with a well-stocked first aid van kit or first aid truck kit that contains the principles and just within easy reach anytime. A 72 hours survival and first aid kit should present when you package for long trips or holidays. A 72 hours survival and first aid  kit ought to be a container that is not difficult to carry, durable and easy to open. It will not do have a 72 hours survival and first aid kit which is padlocked because you don’t have the luxury of time to frantically search for the keys when an emergency arises.

A 72 hours survival and first aid kit should comprise the basics including gauze, adhesive tape, manual for first aid, alcohol, scissors, safety pins, bandages in various sizes, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic creams and solutions, soap, hydrocortisone cream, gloves, thermometer, tweezers, calamine lotion, instant cold packs, torch and batteries, mouthpiece to be applied in CPR if needed, first aid emergency foil blanket along with prescription medicines.

Familiarize yourself with the contents of your 72 hours survival and first aid kit and place within easy reach but out of range of kids. First aid van and truck kits must comprise all of the required components for workers who are travelling away or often from the main workplace. In case you go to a distant region, a first aid crisis van and truck kit is a necessity and this would include facilities and trained personnel for crisis conveyance. A first aid van and truck kit also needs to comprise means of communicating like a phone to call for help when an urgent situation arises.

You could also use the emergency foil blanket as a sheet for earth camping, as a funnel to collect water in the event of survival, as a signal you can use to attract focus of the rescuers and as shelter to keep the rain off. A first aid emergency foil blanket can be easily unfolded and used to envelop your patient. Recall being prepared can save lives, along with the life you save may be your own.

If you are looking for more information on 72 hours survival and first aid, please visit: http://www.72hours.ca.

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